What to Do With Old Keys



If you have old keys, especially keys that might be associated with a special memory or person, it might be difficult for you to get rid of them. Or maybe you just worry about harming the environment and strive to avoid doing this whenever possible. There are certainly ways to repurpose old keys, from using them as crafting embellishments to turning them into jewelry. We are a mobile locksmith team that knows how important keys are, and we provide services such as door rekeying, broken key extraction and more (website). If you are curious as to what to do with or how to use old keys, we hope that you will find this information to be useful. 


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Find Everyday Ways to Use the Keys 


Think about practical ways your keys could be used (as long as you are no longer using them for your vehicle, or unlocking home doors, and so on). Maybe an old key could be used as a replacement zipper, in a sense. If the zipper broke off on a hoodie, a key could be attached and used the same way. A key could be used for scratching scratch off tickets in the event that a coin is not handy! It could also be used to get into or dig into tight spaces.   


Recycle Old Keys! 


Because keys are made of metal, recycling is an option. There is a catch, though. It is important to make sure they will be accepted at the intended place. Some recycling locations might have reasons not to accept the keys, for instance, they might not have a machine that would work for them. So you will want to check in before bringing the keys. Recycling old keys is a good idea if you are thinking about the environment and want to avoid causing any damage.  


Sell Old Keys 


Rather than recycling – have you thought about selling old keys for money? If you have an antique key or one that is sophisticated, places might be willing to give you cash for them. It is certainly worth trying! There are also people who might be interested in buying your old keys for a crafting project.  


Sort Keys 


If you can’t get much money for your keys so it is not worth the hassle of selling, and you tried a recycling facility but they are unable to take them, don’t worry, because you still have options. What else can you do with old keys? As time goes on, if you move frequently, or even if you just have items that use keys, you can end up with a good amount of them and you do not necessarily know what to do with them. Sort them. Make a pile of the ones you know you will never use again. If there is a chance you might reuse some of them, maybe these keys can go into a drawer, so they are out of sight, but still accessible in the event that you might need to reuse themMaybe you have some unique looking keys that could be used for crafting. If you don’t want them for this purpose, maybe a friend does.  


Make Jewelry!  


Have you thought about making a piece of jewelry using an old key, like a bracelet or necklace? It can be difficult to part with the key from the home you grew up in, or from the first home you bought with your spouse. It can be difficult to part with the key your family member kept from their childhood home. There are many reasons to want to hang on to certain special keys. Making jewelry using keys can be fairly simple, too, even for a beginner. With jewelry links, a chain and a clasp, you can make a keepsake piece of jewelry. You could even simply put a key onto a chain you love. Then, you will have a necklace that is meaningful to you. 


Do a Crafting Project 


Maybe you have a little container of old keys that belonged to a beloved family member. You might not be sure why they kept them, but for some reason, they had special meaning, so you do not want to throw them out. Luckily, there are ways that the keys could be used and kept in the family. 


You could use keys to create a wind chime depending on how many you have. A wind chime could certainly be fun to make.  


Keys could be used for making jewelry, as previously mentioned. But what else can you do with them? Try using them on a photo frame for a unique decoration. If you have any vintage or otherwise old keys, this could create a unique look. Keys could be glued onto a mason jar for a fun appearance, or they could even be used in a scrapbook.  


If you have old keys that you do not want to get rid of, or don’t have the option to recycle, like keys that might be associated with a special memory or person, it might be challenging for you to get rid of them. You don’t have to get rid of them! Or maybe you just worry about harming the environment and want to steer clear of doing this by throwing them away. There are undoubtedly ways to repurpose old keys, as discussed here. From using keys as crafting embellishments for photo frames or even scrapbooks, to turning them into jewelry, there are plenty of options to consider. We are a mobile locksmith team that knows the importance of keys, and we provide services such as door rekeying, extraction for broken keys and more.   


We are hoping that the information provided here will give you an idea of what you can do with old keys – it is good to know that you have the option to recycle them, repurpose them, reuse them, sell them or just use them in crafting projects. Thank you for reading this and possibly discovering new ways to use your keys. 


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