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Client: Porchlight Entertainment

It was the 70's. It could have been today or any day for that matter. There was a subdivision of homes named Hav-A-Stick.Two boys lived with their family in a small house in this Non - astetic midwestern neighborhood. One day just like today, there was an accident. Not a car accident or an unwanted pregnancy, but a washing machine accident. One of the boys, Patruck, a very talkative boy, was hiding in the washing machine from his very quiet brother Charliebum.
It was an unlucky day. It was laundry day. Yes this was the day their mother worked up the energy to do over twenty loads of colors and one load of whites. She had a glazed look over her. She was in "Stepford" mode so you really can't blame her. After all, she had chores to finish before her medication wore off. She loaded up the washer, threw in the detergent and when the spin cycle stopped Patruck was stuck in Charliebum's favorite jeans forever or at least until the jeans would wear out. This is how Patruck became "Pocketboy".

This animated cartoon series is about the adventures of these two brothers aimlessly wandering the world or at least their neighborhood looking for a life, some laughs, and trying to get along without killing each other.